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So I can’t do one of those “Year in Review” photosets because I don’t take/keep photos of ANYTHING, so you’re all going to have to deal with a plethora of words.

But the long and short of it is this: you guys made my year amazing. All of you. Every person who has taken the time to like or reblog or even follow me has helped to make a very real impact on my life. And I know that that is incredibly cheesy or cliche or overdone, but it is also very, very true. Each of you is part of this community that has helped me to feel accepted in ways that I have never felt before. 

This year, I did things that I never thought I would, at least not before I was out and living on my own in the world. I saw shows (“How to Succeed” and “Young Storytellers”, I went to book signings (“Land of Stories” and “Struck by Lightning”), I actually used my weekends to spend time with my actual friends. Before this year, I never took the time to hang out with other people when it wasn’t their birthday or some holiday or something like that. 

I have met incredible, talented, passionate people this year, and there are many of them that I am lucky to call my friends. 

In short, you got my out of the house. Willingly. And I cannot thank you all enough for that.

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  1. mickeymilkovi said: CARI OH GOD I LOVE YOU i will never forget the day that we met and sat next to each other and cried and you helped me film the videos and ugh ugh I just love you so much thank YOU for being a part of my life you are such an angel *u*
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